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About > 企业历程

July of Year 1975 Dalian CRT Factory was founded.
May of Year 1989 Introduce mold manufacturing equipment, set up mold manufacture and maintenance center.
Put assembly line of electron gun for CRT into production.
August of Year 1993 Dalian CRT Factory was reformed to Dalian Daxian Co., Ltd.
September of Year 1996 “Daxian Stock”, share A of  Daxian Co., Ltd. Was listed and traded in Shanghai Securities Exchange.
December of Year 1996 Daxian Co., Ltd. Passed ISO9002.
October of Year 1999 Take over Daxian Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
September of Year 2002 Daxian Co., Ltd. Passed ISO9001(2000) and ISO14001.
January of Year 2003 Dalian Daxian Takagi Mold Co., Ltd. was founded.
April of Year 2005 Take over Dalian Daxian Hetian precision mold Co., Ltd.
July of Year 2005 The deep draw parts” Lithium ion battery shell” was put into volume production. 
Year 2008 Dalian Daxian Co., Ltd changed the name as Dalian Daxian Enterprises Holdings Co.,Ltd。Stock name is Dalian Holdings.
The electronic information hundred strong enterprises place 24th in 2008.
At present We devotes to the electronic products precise metal components development.