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Add:Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone No. 19 Huaihe West Road

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About > 公司概况

[ Spirit of Company ]
Being Strict, realistic, creative, united and devoted


[ Policy of Company ]
Quality first, Customers highest, Continual improvement, Perfect system


[ Key Figure]

Facility Size:20,000㎡

Total Assets: RMB 73Million

Workshop area: 7,200㎡


Category of specializing in the production of various types of precision stamping products: Magnet cover used in EPS motor, Signal round used in motor, Metal parts used in CRT, Lithium ion battery shell, etc.     Committed to the pursuit of high grade products and lower cost management, efforts to provide customers with obvious competitive products.There are 60 employees in which 15% of them are technicians.The team  of professional training in mold designing and mold debugging,  has the capacity of independent design and development of deep drawing, fine-blanking, bending and other types of precision stamping mould.Major  Client:MITSUBA, SANKYO, Weilian,  THOMSON,  Tianjin Lishen, Samsung etc.